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I love brands and storytelling


I'm a graphic / brand designer based in Riga, Latvia, currently
working as a freelancer 

This rough framework outlines my process of brand design, cooperation with client and everyday work:

Brief - Understanding your brand, your vision and concept
Research - Exploring your brand and competitors
Brainstorming - Defining design problem(s) and solving them, generating ideas and proposing them to client
Sketching / Storytelling - Concept and strategy building, telling a story, making sure my design works in a  looooooooooong stretch of time
Finish -
Compiling work and materials, presenting the work and handing it over for you


I'm open to new experiences and challenges.



Let's talk!

+371 27782289

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Education and experience


Riga School of Design and Art - Advertising design

Board game designer at Nordic Training International

Designer at Adepts Creative Industries

Graphic Designer at WE THREE (currently)